( Currently under development )

Our stallion net solution, allows all stallion deployed staff to communicate and share all their experiences, whether junior or senior, everyone will have something to contribute to the network. The aim of the network is to help our personel fix their problems faster.

When candidates sign up to Stallion, they they immediately have access to a global network, which can span countries, and help connect experience personel to other personel in the field. The aim of this solution, is allow cross sharing of knowledge, and build up an extensive knowledgebased system.

Stallion net is a web based system, and all that is required is the registration of the system by our candidates, it can be accessed anywhere in the world with a username and password access.

Stallion net can also be used by clients who require specific personel for a specific project. One example would be to find personell who have already been deployed on a project. Historical personell can easily be seen and selected for the same project or similar projects, as they would have historical knowledge.

Project costs can easily be calculated also before contacting stallion net for a quotation, this is the best way to get a general overview about what involved.


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