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Key to helping you know what job is suitable for you is knowing what type of person you are, and also what type of person your next employer is looking for.

Whether you are familiar with psychometric testing or not, many large organisations use this to test whether candidates are suitable for their organisation. Many HR departments use this type of profiling as it can show hidden personalities and attributes within a person.

Typically, companies use this information whenever they are recruiting on mass, i.e. when they know that many people will be applyinig for small amount of positions. Where this is the case, Stallion will help you to try and understand and pass this type of profiling testing.

There are many online tests that are available, however will also provide our own profiling tests, so that you can learn something about yourself and see attributes within your character that you didn't even know existed.

When you use our psychometric testing for job hunting or learning something new abou yourself, you will receive a report via email, which is payable to Stallion recruitment. Once you complete an online test, it can be stored within your Stallion profile for later usage. All test can be printed off or downloaded as a PDF file.


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